Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Patrick the Wolf Boy!

Patrick the Wolf Boy is a comic created by Art Baltazar. I had the great opportunity of meeting Art at Comic Con this year. I picked up a few of his books too and I highly recommend them! Patrick the Wolf Boy is a great series and I wish them the best of success. I want to thank Art also for his encouragement and advice. It meant a lot and I'm going to follow his example with my series Super Siblings. See you next year at the Con.

Comic-Con This!

Comic-Con is over and Banshee Comics had a great debut. Lots of contacts were made and lots of cards were handed out. If you were one of those that got a card and is interested in my comics, thanks for visiting the site. The comics are on schedule and will start being released in the coming months. Check back often for updates. - Patrick Scullin